Lectures and Presentations

An Introduction to Proof-of-Entropy-Minima by Dr. K

Published 10 April 2023.
In this recording of Quai University Call #4, Quai co-founder Dr. K explains the Proof-of-Entropy-Minima (PoEM) consensus mechanism.

Security & Interoperability in Disparate Scaling Topologies by Dr. K

Published 22 March 2023.
With Ethereum adoption the need for scaling solutions to enable high throughput web3 applications is greater than ever. However, current scaling solutions (i.e. optimism, zk-snarks, and rollups) introduce non-obvious security and interoperability challenges that need to be addressed. This talk highlights some of the security and interoperability challenges and proposes a novel mechanism for creating trust-less composable bridges in a multi blockchain environment.

An Introduction to Multithreaded Execution by Dr. K

Quai Network cofounder, Dr. K, takes a more advanced look into Quai Network and what sets it apart from other blockchains.

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency vs. Fiat by Dr. K

Published 6 February 2023.
Interested in Quai Network and Crypto but don't know where to start? Check out this Quai Network 101 course taught by Dr. K, which also acts as an introduction to why blockchains are important and how Quai Network is taking a revolutionary approach to scaling and security.

Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake Consensus Debate by Alan O.

Published 16 November 2022.
Texas Blockchain, the undergraduate blockchain organization at the University of Texas at Austin, invited Alan Orwick, co-founder of Quai Network, to join their Layer 1 Consensus debate on November 2nd to advocate on the side of Proof-of-Work. Alan was joined in the debate by representatives from Tron, NEAR, and Hiro.

BlockReduce: A Method to Scale Blockchain by Dr. K

Published 5 December 2021.
BlockReduce is the protocol in which Quai Network utilizes to scale blockchains. The BlockReduce began as research at The University of Texas at Austin in 2018. The protocol itself has evolved several times over to where it is now.
This presentation is from the 2018 Texas Blockchain Activities and Research Showcase.