Quai Wallet

QuaiSnap has been released with Quai Network's Iron Age Testnet
The Quai Network wallet for the Iron Age Testnet will utilize MetaMask Flask, a developer version of MetaMask. The use of MetaMask Flask will allow users to connect to QuaiSnap, Quai Network's Testnet wallet.
To use QuaiSnap to interact with Quai Network, follow the instructions below:
0. Disable or uninstall MetaMask (Classic) from your Chrome browser.
1. Install the MetaMask Flask from and add it to your Chrome browser.
2. Create a new MetaMask Flask account by following the traditional process of creating a new MetaMask account.
3. Visit and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your MetaMask Flask account to QuaiSnap.
4. Create accounts, import accounts, get Quai from, send transactions, interact with contracts, and more! Have fun exploring Quai Network.

QuaiSnap FAQ

What is Quai?

Quai is the token used to interact with Quai Network. Quai Network is currently in the Iron Age Testnet, meaning all balances are in Testnet Quai and have no correlation to either real-world value or Mainnet Quai.

What is MetaMask Flask?

MetaMask Flask is an official fork of MetaMask that is intended for developers. Flask allows developers to create Snaps that interact with the familiar MetaMask environment. Quai Network is utilizing MetaMask Flask for the QuaiSnap DApp, which will enable simple transactions during Quai Network’s Iron Age Testnet.

What is QuaiSnap?

QuaiSnap is a Quai Network DApp utilizing the MetaMask Flask wallet. This DApp acts as a browser wallet, allowing users to send and receive funds, create and import accounts, and more.

How do I get Quai?

For the duration of the Iron Age Testnet, participants can mint Iron Age Quai tokens from the Quai Faucet at It is important to note that Iron Age Quai tokens are not equivalent to Mainnet Quai tokens, and token balances will be wiped upon the conclusion of the Iron Age Testnet.

Where are my private keys stored?

When interacting with QuaiSnap, you are utilizing multiple private keys. First, your MetaMask Flask private key (which is stored within MetaMask Flask), which provides access to the QuaiSnap application. Second, your QuaiSnap private keys (which are unlocked with your MetaMask Flask private key), which provide access to your individual Quai Network chain accounts.

How do I import an account?

To import an existing Quai Network account to QuaiSnap, create a new MetaMask Flask account. Instead of creating a new wallet, click “import account,” and paste the private key of the wallet you wish to import. Return to QuaiSnap, log into the new MetaMask Flask account you imported, and your Quai balance should be available!

Can I use QuaiSnap on my phone?

Unfortunately, there is no current method to use QuaiSnap on a mobile device. This is because QuaiSnap works with MetaMask Flask, which is only supported on Google Chrome for Desktop.

What browsers does QuaiSnap support?

Currently, QuaiSnap is only able to support browsers that are compatible with MetaMask Flask, currently limited to Google Chrome.