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Iron Age Testnet

The Iron Age Testnet is the third public test of the Quai protocol. This page is a hub of links and resources that may be valuable to Testnet participants:
Receive small amounts of Iron Age Testnet Quai coins at no cost.
View the Quai protocol in a human-readable way.
The home of all Dominant Strategies repositories, including go-quai, quai-gpu-miner, and go-quai-stratum.
Iron Age testnet specifications that include block explorers, RPC endpoints, and more.
An open-source Quai-native wallet built by the Dominant Strategies team.
A detailed schedule of the Iron Age Testnet.
An invite-only node stats page for RPC/infrastructure providers.
Learn how to run a Testnet node.
Learn how to run a GPU miner and connect it to a stratum proxy.
Learn how to deploy single-chain or multi-chain smart contracts.
Disclaimers and policies for interacting with Quai Network testnets.