Node Setup

Installation and configuration of a node can be done both manually or with the assistance of a tool.
Manual node setup and config allows users more control over node performance and operation, but is more complicated. However, if you have experience using a terminal, manual setup should be quite straightforward.
For less technical users, it is recommend to utilize both guided setup tutorials in tandem with pre-built tools for a smoother install experience and to ensure your node is running correctly.

Convenience Tools

A number of projects aim to make the node setup experience more user-friendly. They aim to make onboarding easier, guide users through configuration, and reduce set up to just a few clicks. Tools and libraries from those projects are listed below:
  • quai-node-cli-tool - A simple bash-based tool that makes spinning up a node easy and intuitive. Built-in GUI for managing both a node and miner.

Manual Setup

This method is relatively straightforward and can be done entirely from the command line. Start by installing the client directly. There a number of detailed written/video tutorials that have step-by-step walkthroughs for installation and setup.